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Pants Hanging Down, The beginning


by Gene Stubbson

Cursing, fighting, gangs, lazy children, lazy parents, work ethics, spanking, etc. There is a lot that can be said about the topics listed above. The results of conversations and observations have resulted in a piece that is quite informative, compelling and "thought-provoking" for both those who are trying to elevate themselves in life and those who did not realize that they were "stuck " in a place they never thought they would be. Many people have ideas of what they "think" is the correct approach to various situations. Sometimes those ideas are exactly correct. However, what we have found time and time again is that many of us have "issues" that cause problems with the decisions that we choose to make in life. Sometimes there are family issues and sometimes the issues arise from our environment or our associates. But "always" it is our choice as to how we, adults and young adults, deal with situations. However, it is unfortunate that the our children have to deal with our "rocking boat" and go in any direction that it goes. It is our history and our present choices that determine many of the paths that we take, the type of influence we have on others, and whether we have our "pants hanging down" as we travel into various places in our lives. Pants Hanging Down , the name of the literary work by Gene Stubbson, touches on the subjects of child rearing, government assistance, professional athletics, music, cursing, the N-word and much more. Here are some questions for all of you. Press "Comments" to add yours to the blog.

What comes to mind when you think about someone whose "pants are hanging down"?

What do you think about tattoos on men and women?

Should schools begin "spanking" or "paddling" children again?

What is your opinion of the words, B---h and "H", in reference to women?

Have you been called one lately or at all? Describe the scenarios.

Are you a stepparent? If so, how much freedom do you have with regard to discipline of your stepchild?

Is the man you're dealing with a "sorry" man?

What is your feeling when you hear the N-word being used?

Is rap music a "reflection of society" or does it "influence society"?

2007-09-11 00:12:57 GMT
Comments (6 total)
THis concept is one that we look forward to discussing further. the way that we perceive things is a little out of order and we need to "pull our pants up".
2007-09-19 02:52:04 GMT
get up and do something!! all of you men who are not working need to get a clue. how can you help us if you won't do anything.
--"Pissed and tired"
2007-09-19 02:55:45 GMT
Somebody needs to tell them guys to pull their pants up. Nobody wants to see their underwear! That's so tacky...And they need to try and get a job too.
--Melva P.
2007-09-19 02:59:35 GMT
Regarding your question about Don Imus, I think he should get an award for raising issues and the conscience of Black America regarding how we disrepect one another with name calling e.g."nigger" and other degrading and self destructive activities. Our destructive behavior was illuminated by a man and received worldwide media attention. It's time we cleanup our own house. It's time we stop our 'Pants from Falling Down' and pull them up.
--A. Delaney
2007-09-19 04:51:27 GMT
I don't like tattoos on Ladies or Men. They are not sexiest. Showing your underwear is not cute now and never will be, pull your pants up. I would love to be one of the first too read this book sounds great.
2007-09-19 19:18:08 GMT
Sounds like this is going to be interesting. I have a sister that always gets these men that are sorry. I tried to tell her about them but she never wants to listen until it is too late. She always has her pants hanging down with these types of guys.
--lil sis, Maryland
2007-09-28 12:32:31 GMT